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Vredestein is proud to be among the oldest tyre manufacturers in the world today with a history dating back more than 100 years. Vredestein is a market leader in all season tyres. The foundations of this success were laid in 1993 when the first generation of Vredestein Quatrac was introduced.

A great deal of knowledge gained through the development of summer and winter tyres has gone into all-season tyres, resulting in the perfect tyre for every time of year. The Vredestein Quatrac family has scored excellent results even in winter tyre tests and is recognised among the absolute best in its class.

Tyre range includes:




An all season tyre with a unique tread design delivering optimal performance in both winter and summer conditions.

Vredestein_PCT_Quatrac Pro_Product image_15_96dpi_900x900px_1_NR-12429.PNG

Quatrac Pro

The Quatrac Pro is an all-season tyre, specifically designed for ultra-high-performance (UHP) vehicles and top-end models. Excellent handling and short braking distances under both wet and dry conditions.

Vredestein_PCT_Ultrac Vorti R_Product Image_15_96dpi_900x900px_1_NR-12478.PNG

Ultrac Vorti

is an ultra-high-performance tyre designed in collaboration with the Italian design company Giugiaro.

Vredestein_PCT_Ultrac Satin_Product image_15_96dpi_900x900px_1_NR-12466.PNG

Ultrac Satin


A high performance tyre, constructed with cutting edge technology. Excellent wet grip and efficiency thanks to a unique, traction-improving resin.

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