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Michelin one of the most praised and respected tyre manufacturers in the industry.

Dedicated to innovation, Michelin Tyres are well known for their superb grip and their impressive resistance to the high temperatures.

Over more than a century, they have created over 3500 tyre models, supplying most famous car brands.

Tyre range includes:


Pilot Sport 4


The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 has been designed to deliver a seamless blend of enjoyable driving and top safety. Evo Tyre Award Winner, 2017


Pilot Sport 4 S

Designed for high performance and sports cars, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S offers an unparalleled driving experience. Evo Tyre Award Winner, 2020


Primacy 4

Michelin have developed the Primacy 4, successor to the extremely popular Primacy 3, for high levels of safety and longevity. Auto Express Tyre test 2020 Recommended.


CrossClimate Plus +


The Michelin CrossClimate+ provides safety in every weather condition - for added peace of mind. Auto Express All Season Tyre test 2018 Commended

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