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Dunlop has grown to be one of the world’s top tyre brands known the world over - a reputation that the company has always taken very seriously and works tirelessly to maintain.

Even though Dunlop Tyres merged with the American giant Goodyear in 1999, it still keeps intact its own essential values and features.

Pioneers of innovation, Dunlop engineers are constantly delivering new technologies to improve tyre performance in all weather conditions.

Dunlop's excellent performance in automotive tests is testimony to this, being named 'Highly Recommendable' by ACE Tests (Automobile Club Europe) and 'Exemplary' by Auto Bild, part of the Auto Express magazine group.

Tyre range includes:


SP Sport Maxx RT 2


Developed to deliver a robust and precise driving performance - with strong grip and precise handling.



Premium tyres suited for summer conditions. The Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse ensures the perfect combination of ultra-high performance, excellent safety and improved handling characteristics.



A premium tyre offering excellent levels of wet and dry performance. Handling is improved due to superior grip levels. Overall, excellent value for money due to the high number of performance benefits


Grandtrek ST30


All-season tyre with an asymmetric tread pattern, this tyre delivers outstanding handling all year round.

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